I am a balding extroverted introvert creature from Poland. I love good stories in every form: those written by my life choices, and those created by others (books, films, graphic novels, TV shows,  computer games... you name it). I believe in the lifelong learning and there's no better teacher than the road itself, traveling... In it lies also a true happiness which is nothing when not shared!



I am a blond melancholic creature from the Czech Republic. I love traveling, good food and quality sleep. I like to explore, to try new things and to meet people from different realities. It is a source of energy and an engine of my inspiration. I hate stupidity and unfairness. (I wish to live in a world full of happy unicorns.) I am studying Journalism but I am very tired of the formal education system, therefore I am trying to find my own ways. I am interested in communication in general, on the professional as well as the personal level. Currently, I am searching for the right spot for me on this planet.


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