Aveiro and Costa Nova: A colourful paradise

by Miška


One of our last trips in Portugal led us to a charming town Aveiro and its, not less beautiful, seaside sibling Costa Nova. When I had seen pictures from these two places for the first time, my immediate reaction was simple: I need to go there! I am a colour- and tile-lover,and both cities are filled with them. When I add to the equation romantic channels and  boats of Aveiro and the ocean with fairy tale striped houses on the coast in the case of Costa Nova... there was no other way but to visit them.


Let us start in Aveiro


Aveiro lies just 80 km south from Porto and it is easily accessible by train which is the fastest and the cheapest option how to get there. The town is often visited by tourists and is famous for its channels. It is because of them why it is sometimes called the Portuguese Venice. The water-roads are creating a small net in the centre and one can travel them on board of one of many colourful gondolas or small boats. Nonetheless, personally, I think that the label “Portuguese Venice” is just a simplification which doesn't convince me. Of course, there are channels and gondolas but I think that the place is too unique to be compared to Venice.


Aveiro is a calm, especially in January when we were there, and positive town full of colours. These you can find mainly on the faces of houses or boats in the channels. There is a lot to see – except of already mentioned highlights, there is a lot of traditional tilework or interesting streetart all around the town. The winter sunshine, which luckily kept us company during the whole stay, made the scenery even more beautiful.


Aveiro is quite small, full of cosy little cafés and restaurants. It is perfect for a romantic walk in one of its parks, narrow streets in the old town or along the channels. There is also an option to borrow a bike and explore the city on two wheels. Of course, you can also take a boat ride and see the town from yet another perspective.


Striped houses in Costa Nova


Instead of a boat ride, we used our time differently. We decided to visit a seaside town Costa Nova. We travelled there by bus and it took us 30 minutes and costed 2,30 euros one way, per person. 


In my opinion Costa Nova looks like a perfect painting from a Portuguese fairy tale book. Truth to be told, there is not much to see in the town, though. All comes to two things: the beach and striped houses which are painted in traditional colours – blue, yellow, red, green and white. I have never visited a place with such an architecture before and I just loved it. What is more, except of this kind of buildings, you can find in the town also many houses with different tile facades.


And the last but not the least on this short list – the ocean, its ever-charming power is even more raw during winter, and I was hypnotized by it. Walking around, I could feel the smell of the ocean and a fresh wind on my face. We had a walk on a wooden path along the coast and it definitely added an extra value to our visit.


I was so happy with what Costa Nova has to offer, please don't let its simplicity fool you! The amount of pictures we took there is the best proof of our joy.



Happy day, happy memory


I have to say it was an awesome day - full of colours, sun, ocean and pleasant company of my fellow sloth. I wish every day would be like this. And I am sure I will be running down the memory lane to the beautiful hours in Aveiro and Costa Nova whenever I will have a bad mood. And I am pretty sure that they will make me smile again, and again.

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